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Peacock Ore


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The stone of positivity features a stunning rainbow that represents the hope after a storm. Set an intention on a Peacock Ore and be guarded from all negative energies, from external factors as well as those of self doubt, self consciousness and overcoming the idea of perfection. This stone opens up the Crown chakra and as an incredible healing stone it has the ability to align every chakra. This crystal also assists with: Reducing fever, Regulating flow of adrenaline, Electrolyte balance, Upliftment, happiness & joy.

Listing is for: 1 Chunk, Approx Weight & Measure
Gold/Pink: 140G L:5CM, W:5CM, H:4CM
Purple/Gold: 154G L: 5CM, W:4CM, H: 4CM
Blue/Purple: 196G L:5CM, W:5CM H:4CM - Sold
Weight & measurements are approximate & may slightly vary

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