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Libra Pack


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Sep 24 – Oct 23
Pack Includes 5 stones
Ametrine: Balancing, Soothing, Intuition
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown
Planet: Venus, Mercury
Element: Air 
Apatite: Clarity, Spiritual Guidance, Self-Expression
Chakra: Throat, Third Eye
Planet: Mercury, Venus
Element: Air
Bloodstone: Detoxifying, Healing, Grounding
Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart
Planet: Mars, Venus, Neptune
Element: Fire, Air Water
Citrine: Abundance, Emotional Balance, Chakra Cleanser
Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown Cleanses All
Planet: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Sun
Element: Air, Fire
Lapiz Lazuli: Communication, Intuition, Inner Power
Chakra: Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Planet: Jupiter, Venus
Element: Fire, Air, Water

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