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Jasper - Calligraphy


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Also known as the Miriam stone, inclusions of hematite, iron and fossil shells give Calligraphy jasper it’s unique appearance. Promoting an interesting connect between the third eye and the sacral chakra, it has been known to help the user to access the Akashic records and to develop the art of automatic writing. Third eye gazing, Sacral chakra stimulation, Angels and divine connections, Mystic powers


Listing is for: 1 Shape of your choice

Egg: 99G, Dia:4.5CM
Lingams: 108G L:6CM
Wand: 91G, L:12.5CM
Heart: 63G, L:4.5CM, H:4CM
Sphere: 91G, Dia:2.5CM
Pyramid: 72G, Base:4CM, H:3.5CM
Pencil Point: 52G, L:10CM
Obelisks: 79G, L:10CM
Weight & measurements are approximate & may slightly vary