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Double Hearts


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1 Double Heart
Approx. Size 10G / L:4cm, W:2cm
Amethyst: Known as the stone of spirituality & contentment, this stone holds within a calming & peaceful energy. Being the stone of calmness & intuition
Stability, Strength, Restfulness, Calmness.
Clear Quartz: Known for its abilities to heal, enhance & amplify energies and vibrations. 
Amplifying energy & vibrations, Manifesting Realities, Clarity, Healing.
Fluorite: Known as the stone of peace, bliss & calming. This stone holds an energy within that acts like a spiritual vacuum. Fluorite helps to clear the minds’ clutter.
Eliminating negative patterns, De-cluttering the mind, Lifting the mind fog, Deeper relaxation.
Weight & measurements are approximate & may slightly vary

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