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Crackle Quartz


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1 Generator
** These Generators have been discounted due to 'imperfections'. They may look and feel a little rough but still bring the same level of energy to the table. Prices have been discounted **
CQ1: 60G H:5cm 
*1 of my sides is a little unpolished
CQ2: 45G H:5cm
*I have a chip on my backside.
CQ3: 35G H:4cm
*I'm a little bumpier than my friends
CQ4: 30G H4cm
*I have the most damage to my bottom/base than my friends
Known as a “light stone”, Crackle Quartz is perfect for clairvoyance and has been used by ancient indigenous cultures for visionary work. The cracks are created through super-heating and it is thought that the more cracks, the great the purification power the crystal holds.
Clarity of thought, Promotes a strong, clear path to higher guidance, Providing energy boosts when you are feeling flat
Weight & measurements are approximate & may slightly vary.

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