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Clear Quartz Natural Points


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Clear Quartz Raw Natural Points. 
Known for its abilities to heal, enhance & amplify energies and vibrations.  
Being the stone of Amplification, Clear Quartz can assist in; Amplifying energy & vibrations, Manifesting Realities, Clarity, Healing.
These qualities make clear quartz a perfect stone for a person who is facing a tough decision or a fork in the road. Clear Quartz will illuminate your true path. It will align your head and your heart so you can move forward with confidence. 
Clear Quartz is beneficial in energising & amplifying all chakra’s
    2 Options Available
    1 Pack, 6 Natural Points  165G
    OR Individual Point 20G-40G
    These points are natural, no 2 points are the same. Weight & measurements are approximate & may slightly vary