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Calcite Blue


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1 Chunk
Large Approx. sizes
129G, L: 5cm, W: 4cm, H:4cm
135G,  L: 5cm, W:5cm, H: 4cm - Sold
Medium Approx. sizes
80-90G, L: 5cm, W: 5cm, H: 3cm 
Small Approx. size. 
20-35G, L: 4cm, W: 3cm, H: 2cm
Often referred to as the mind stone, Blue Calcite is associated with speech communication and emotional release. The power within this stone helps to purify & clean away negative energy. When paired with Jet, these 2 become one big repellent of negative energy.
Psychic development, Calming, Lifting anxiety, Soothing nerves.
Weight & measurements are approximate & may slightly vary.

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