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Abalone shells

  Abalone shells are used as a tool to perform smudging rituals. The shell is viewed as a gift from the sea, thus representing the water element. The smudge stick represents the earth & the fire once lit represents the fire element. The smoke from the lit smudge stick represents the air. To protect the rainbow shimmer from hot elements, add a layer of sand to the inside of the shell.   


Known as the stone of strength. Bringing courage & protection to the table while balancing Yin/Yang. Being a stone of Strength, Agate helps to dispel fear & assists in enhancing; 

  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Emotional Strength
  • Self-confidence

These qualities make agate a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to ease anxiety. Agate can cleanse and stabilize the aura by removing negative energy & helps to balance Chakra's.

Banded Agate – Blue

 This stone has healing properties known to be used in Ancient Egypt & Greece. All agate vibrates at a slower, less intense rate which helps to provide the owner and those around them with a sense of balance, strength & stability. The blue colour of this stone provides calmness, tranquillity and encouragement. It has a soothing energy, and balances inflamed emotions.

Use this stone for:

  • Alleviating nervous tension
  • Building self confidence
  • Connecting to throat & brow chakra
  • Psychic development
  • Communication

Known as the “protector of children”, this is an excellent stone for children or students who need insight, clarity and to dispel negative energy that surrounds them.

Banded Agate – Green

The name Agate comes from Achetes river in Sicily, where ages have been discovered with artefacts of Neolithic people. The power of green agate supports a sense of justice, and increases compassion, generosity & courage. It’s an excellent stone for those wishing to give back to the world, or those undergoing major life changes.

 Use this stone for:

  • Supporting decision making and emotional flexibility
  • Restoring balance and harmony of all physical systems
  • Promoting balance of digestive systems

Whilst this stone can be worn as an amulet, it can also be used in the home. It offers different support based on where it is placed.

  • Center – promotes health
  • East – protects children
  • Southeast – supports fertility
  • West – supports change

Banded Agate – Pink

This beautiful stone packs a powerful punch! It helps to balance energies, bringing to its owner a calmness of mind that allows us to relieve emotions gained from situations out of our control – helping one to see the bigger picture.

 Use this stone for:

  • Connecting with heart & sacral chakra
  • Improving immune system function
  • Supporting liver & pancreatic function
  • Strengthening bond between mother and child

This stone will help you to heal your heart and understand that you are worthy of love and happiness.

Banded Agate – Purple

This protective talisman has all of the grounding properties of Agate with the power to protect not only the wearer, but those around them.

Granting a boost of self-confidence, this stone will help you to trust your intuitions and be yourself. It helps to calm and sooth your emotions, giving you the strength and courage you need to push forward.

Use this stone for:

  • Meditation
  • Connecting with the crown chakra
  • Promoting fidelity in a relationship

This powerful stone carries the vibration of the Violet Flame of St Germain. Feel the healing vibration come through!

Banded Agate - Red

red banded agate

This beautiful red grounding stone helps you to find your balance and stabilizes physical energy. You will feel centred when you use this crystal, and a sense of calm will overcome you.

Also assists with:

  • Stimulating digestion & relieving gastritis
  • Healing emotional trauma
  • Concentration & mental power
  • Determination & courage

Placing this stone on your heart chakra will help clear blockages of the heart, and heal you from past pain and trauma, allowing more positive energies to enter in their place.

Agate Moss

Known as the crystal of gardeners and vibrating at a slower frequency, Agate Moss helps connect with nature and find authenticity through your heart. With wide variations in appearance, it could be regarded as the acceptance stone.

Moss agate acknowledges the powerful transformations with simple connections to individual stories. It assists with:

  • Earth Connection
  • Heart space
  • Understanding
  • Empathy

Agate Moss is a wonderful healing stone to connect to nature, creating space and time to listen. Great for times of counselling and dealing with grief. Giving inner strength to hold space, respect and connecting with each unique story.


Often referred to as the stone of truth & hope. The energies held within this stone offer a soothing and calming feeling. It is often used as a tool during meditation for manifesting & opening the way for clearer communication.

Amazonite can assist with;

  • Over-coming loneliness
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Calms aggression.

Amazonite can be used for the heart and throat chakra.



Amber is neither a mineral or a crystal, it’s a pure product of nature. It is in essence nature's crystal, formed from the resin of trees and fossilised over the ages. Most Amber is 30-90 million years, making it a crystal that holds great wisdom. Often referred to as solid sunlight or the tears of the ancient gods, it is a true gift from nature.

 Amber assists in enhancing;

  • Good luck
  • Desire
  • Protection
  • Wisdom

These qualities make Amber a perfect stone for anyone needing to repel any negative energy. A true gift from nature, it is known for carrying the vibration of powerful life force and brings to its users great wisdom and insight.


A magical combination of amethyst and citrine this stone is natures two in one. Both crystals properties are amplified, making it a winning combination. This is a stone power packed with positivity and it's perfect for releasing any negativity and cleansing your thoughts. 

Ametrine can assist with ;

  • Feeling loved
  • Finances 
  • Eliminating depression & Bad Habits 

These qualities make Ametrine a perfect stone for anyone who needs to get unstuck, whether it's from a negative situation, a person or a job. Ametrines magical energy is known to bring prosperity and is often referred to as the stone of success.


Known as the stone of spirituality & contentment, this stone holds within a calming & peaceful energy. Being the stone of calmness & intuition, Amethyst assists in providing; 

  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Restfulness
  • Calmness

These qualities make Amethyst the perfect stone for a person needing a restful calm sleep. Amethyst helps reduce insomnia and stress by calming the mind. Amethyst energy stimulates the third eye and crown Chakra.

Angel Aura - Purple

Known as the stone of change & happy dreams, with its silvery rainbow & light blue radiance the sweet & loving energy of this stone simply just makes you smile by looking at it.  Being the stone of change, Angel Aura can dispel toxicity in your life and it also assists in providing; 

  • Peaceful state of mind
  • Balance to Aura energy
  • Tranquillity
  • Enhanced memory 

These qualities make Angel Aura a perfect stone a person in need of balanced aura energy.  Angel Aura are beneficial to the Throat chakra – for loving communications. 

Angel Aura Rose Quartz

Angel aura rose

The ultimate love crystal - you will find it easy to feel intense love and create closer bonds when you keep this stone close – as well as improving communication and bring inner peace. The amplified energy will help you to feel love from within, and express and accept love more easily.

Assists with:

  • Enlightenment, compassion & gentleness
  • Protection & overcoming struggles
  • Reducing stress
  • Supporting heart, circulatory system

This is an excellent feminine energy stone, and is perfect for pregnancy, childbirth and fertility. Your connection with guides and angels will be amplified with this stone – go forth and feel the love.


Known as the stone of great psychic power.  Its properties allow you to open up to communication with your angel and spirit guides, allowing you to attune to their guidance and hear their messages.

Angelite helps to with attunement and a heightened perception, it assists in enhancing;

  • Astral travel
  • peace
  • Healing
  • creativity
  • Communication

These qualities make Angelite a perfect stone for anyone wanting a stone that will assist them with strengthening their psychic awareness, as well as any struggles they may be having with self-expression and communication. This stone will attune and assist clearing and opening your third eye , crown and throat chakras.



Apatite is a stone known for peace and clarity, it is a power stone with manifesting your thoughts and desires.

This is nature's power crystal, it will immediately assist in giving you inspiration and showing you all the possibilities, your life can offer. It dispels any confusion and uncertainty & assists in enhancing; 

  • Manifestation
  • Communication
  • Happiness
  • Inspiration 

These qualities make Apatite a perfect stone for anyone wanting a stone to assist with making their manifestations a reality. By focusing on whatever you want to achieve, it will align with your mind’s eye and assist you in creating your reality. It opens your third eye and releases any doubts, self-doubts or fears which are holding you back from achieving your vision.

Apatite - Yellow

Yellow Apatite, also known as Gold or Golden Apatite is known as a crystal of mental clarity, willpower and manifestation. It has a stimulating effect on both the 2nd (sacral) and 3rd (solar plexus) chakras, and also helps to incorporate nutrients during digestion.

A beautiful upbeat yellow that is fun to have around, and will help with:

  • Digestion
  • Mental stimulation
  • Confidence
  • Strength of will
  • Planning

These qualities make Yellow Apatite perfect for enhancing study, new diets and nutrition, including weight loss, and bringing in new ideas and realisations for greater success.


Apophyllite is nature's version of an energy drink.  Their high vibration immediately energises your entire being making you feel motivated and ready to take on the world. This is natures be happy crystal, it will immediately assist in relieving any tension, anxiety and stress from your life & assists in enhancing;

  • Spiritual awakening
  • Healing
  • De stress
  • Meditation

These qualities make Apophyllite a perfect stone for anyone wanting a stone to assist with opening your third eye and crown chakras. They clear your crown chakra allowing you to have deeper inner visions and allowing the light from above to infuse your body on the earth plane.

Apophyllite Zeolite

This stone increases responses and allows attunement to healing and supportive vibrations. Carrying the Akashic Records, all of what has been and what will be exists in this special stone making it a powerful vibrational transmitter and excellent for reiki work. Interestingly it also has the ability to absorb and remove odours and toxins from the environment.

Use this stone for:

  • Easing bloat
  • Releasing toxins including drugs & alcohol
  • Support during addition withdrawals
  • Reducing side effects of chemotherapy by removing toxins from the body

As you hold this stone you will feel yourself descending into a deeper thought pattern, stimulating higher learning. You will feel yourself infused with wisdom and a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura quartz is a stone of positive reinforcement. they work with encouraging you and showing you the next part of your soul journey. Known as the stone of wisdom and knowledge, they are your emotional support stone. Aqua Aura Quartz helps to dispel self-doubt and uncertainty & assists in enhancing;

  • Life direction
  • Self-doubt
  • Emotional Strength
  • Indecision

These qualities make Aqua Aura quartz a perfect stone for any person who is feeling stagnant and stuck but not knowing where to shift to next. Aqua Aura quartz is a high vibrational crystal that clears blockages on your crown, throat and third eye chakra. This assists you communicating with your higher self and allows you to remove any questions of self-worth and take the next step in your soul's journey.



Sometimes referred to as the tranquilizer, the power within is soothing and a go with the flow vibe that emits a gentle compassionate energy. Just like in its name Aquamarine has a strong tie to water, specifically the sea. This is where its ability to offer fluidity in life comes from.

Aquamarine can assist with;

  • Soothing / calming
  • Overcome fear of speaking
  • Clarity
  • Balancing emotions to better communication

Aquamarine is used on the throat chakra.



Aragonite is a stone of the earth, it brings a stabilizing energy with it that assists in diffusing any difficult situation you may be facing. Known as the stone of the earth.  it brings a grounding force to your life. it allows you to see the truth of any situation and will assist in getting to the root of any challenge or problem you are facing.

Aragonite assists in enhancing;

  • Tranquillity
  • Security
  • Mental clarity
  • Abundance

These qualities make Aragonite a perfect stone for anyone who is seeking solutions to tough problems. it works especially well with assisting any struggles with money or business you may be facing. Aragonite assists with depression and helps you see the good in all situations. It assists with clearing and stabilizing your root chakra, giving you a stronger connection to the earth and an overall feeling of security.



Known as the stone of balance. Brings assistance to balancing your heart and allows you to make clear logical decision. Arsenopyrite is known as the guardian crystal and offers both protection and insight, A stone of clarity Arsenopyrite helps to balance the mind and the heart & assists in enhancing;

  • Decision making
  • Travel
  • Challenges
  • Protection

These qualities make arsenopyrite a perfect stone for a person wanting protection from dangerous or potentially volatile situations. This energy is perfect for travellers as it can potentially assist them overcome any problems they may encounter. Arsenopyrite can protect and clear your energy fields, it assists with the root chakra and offers you protection and guidance long your soul journey



Known as the stone of the galaxy. Bringing astral insight & messages from the stars. This stone attunes your energy to the infinite universe of which all souls exist as one. It assists with removing self-doubt and improving self-esteem as it allows you to see you are part of the infinite universe. 

Astrophyllite assists in enhancing; 

  • Self-worth
  • Spiritual insight
  • Universal consciousness
  • Cellular regeneration 

These qualities make Astrophyllite a perfect stone for anyone person wanting a stone to aid with self-esteem, Astrophyllite can assist you in bringing whatever is hidden to the surface. It will show you for every ending there is a new beginning, It opens your crown and third eye and aids with astral travel that can assist in providing spiritual insight and guidance.

Aventurine Blue

Known as a stone of calming, the colour of blue aventurine is attributed to Dumortierite, which is a powerful internal calibration mineral. It brings a stable patience and has the power to heal stress and anxiety. By activating the throat and third eye chakras, it connects the heart and mind.

Blue aventurine helps with:

  • Internal connection
  • Integrity and intention
  • Alignment
  • Travel

These qualities make Blue Aventurine perfect for integrating inner conflict. It assists with overcoming emotional traits, habits or addictions and this stone can help you move forward to make decisions and stay aligned.

Aventurine – Green

Aventurine – Green

Known as the stone of the amazons & opportunity. Aventurine is a great crystal for when you are first starting out. It is known in the crystal and gemstone world as one of the luckiest stones.

Aventurine can assist with;

  • Good luck
  • Manifesting
  • Releases old habits
  • New growth
  • Enhancing creativity & motivation.

Aventurine is a stone you can carry with you always as it covers and helps with such a wide variety of situations. It is also a good little stone for kids as it stimulates physical growth enhances intellectual development. Because of Aventurine’s powerful link to the heart chakra, it also can assist in circulation & cleansing the aura of negativity.


Known as the stone of the warrior, Bloodstone is a grounding initiator. It is very energising, and switches on passion and activity. Because of its combination of qualities, Bloodstone is great for giving you courage and the spark to start something you know you need to do. It can also help you learn from mistakes, as it will give you the drive to continue when something goes wrong.

Bloodstone helps with:

  • Courage
  • Grounding and energising.
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Initiator
  • Physical catalyst.

On a physical level Bloodstone also stimulates the life force and circulation in the bloodstream.

Bumblebee Jasper

Also known as the Eclipse Stone, this volcanic stone comes from West Java in Indonesia.

This stone is amazing for identifying “golden opportunities” – by stimulating gut neurons it intensifies the gut instinct. It helps to free blocked energies so that the wearer can focus on what they have been called to do.

It helps us to identify the good in things that are coming to an end and provide courage for the road ahead and is an excellent stone for adventure – whatever may come your way!

Use this stone for:

  • Supporting those with allergies
  • Connecting with solar plexus chakra
  • Abdominal issues
  • Heart & circulatory issues

Wearing this stone has been known to give its owner a feeling of “buzzing bees” – stirring passion, inspiration and creative energy.

This stone should be handled with care as it contains arsenic and sulphur.

Calcite Black 

Known to help release negativity by going through it, Black Calcite helps you journey inwards, and connect interdimensionally. Promoting a calm ability to act, this crystal helps to guide you realistically and powerfully through what must take place.

Black Calcite helps with:

  • Grounding and centring
  • Inner journey
  • Releasing
  • Reducing pain (emotional and physical)
  • Seed of new path forwards

These qualities make Black Calcite a superb choice when you’re starting a new venture, interpreting oracles, or giving readings and healings. It provides grounding and safety while entering different states.

Calcite Blue 

Often referred to as the mind stone, Blue Calcite is associated with speech communication and emotional release. The power within this stone helps to purify & clean away negative energy.

 Blue Calcite can assist in;

  • Psychic development
  • Calming
  • Lifting anxiety
  • Soothing nerves

 When paired with Jet, these 2 become one big repellent of negative energy.

Calcite Clear 

Clear Calcite is known as the cure all stone. It helps to clear and align all of the chakras. It helps us to discern our emotions, by making them more tangible and showing details that give insight. As calcite crystallises out of water, it helps to build the story of what the water and emotions carried and finds ways to give them expression.

They find a way of connecting the flow of emotions and feelings with the structure of the intellect.

  • Amplification and magnification
  • Interface of emotion and intellect
  • Clarity and Detail
  • Connection

These qualities make calcites helpful in finding more meaning and seeing further into issues. They’re great for connecting the dots and finding how different perspectives can join.

Calcite Green 

Known for being an excellent partner in a journey of self discovery. It is excellent for those who feel deeply and have a tendency to overthink. Green Calcite encourages self forgiveness, and helps to give a balance between your heart, body and mind.

This crystal helps:

  • Empathy
  • Heart connections
  • New insights
  • Making decisions
  • Soothing

Green Calcite is also excellent for soothing anger, burns, fever and infections, and chronic conditions which have an ongoing irritation. It helps to neutralise those mental irritations that manifest physically.

Calcite Orange 

Also known as the stone of joy. The beautiful uplifting tones of orange calcite just make people smile. It gives a powerful blast of happiness.

Clearing and cleansing the lower chakras by giving significant lifts or turnarounds to dark thoughts. A simple but substantial perspective of creativity is injected by this stone, which can turn many stagnant and murky areas around.

Assists with:

  • Joy
  • Energising
  • Positive
  • Social
  • Creativity

These qualities make orange calcite a wonderful helper when dark thoughts and ideas are brooding.

It’s also a wonderful addition in social areas - where group discussions, communal eating and sharing are taking place, to keep the vibrations at a pleasant social high.

Calcite Red

Known as a crystal of grounding and protection. Providing solutions and creative possibilities, the qualities of Red Calcite are helpful for showing the user a new way of looking at a situation, helping ideas to be brought into the world and keeping the balance of the emotional and intellectual aspects in check.

  • Zesty and bright ideas
  • Positive
  • Energising
  • Vibrant

Red calcite also acts more on the physical level, helping inflammation and blockages.

Blue Lace

Known for its power to help verbal communication & expression, this stone holds energy that dissolves repressive blocks.
Given the energy of this stone it can assist with; 

  • Public speaking
  • Clarifying thoughts
  • Clearer communication
  • Letting go of old emotions 

These qualities make Blue Lace the perfect stone for a person needing assistance with situations where clear understandings or directions are needed. 
Blue lace is used to stimulate the Throat Chakra.


Full of life force, Carnelian stimulates the 2nd or sacral chakra - emboldening and giving courage. Used historically by leaders for endurance and courage. It can attract new resources and luck.

Known to also guard or shielding against accidents, especially from the physical realm.

Assists with:

  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Protection
  • Endurance

Standing at the magical portal of active male energies and passive/receptive fertile female energies, the interesting Carnelian has a rich history. It has been known to enhance passion, love and desire, but this is just a superficial understanding of the stone.


Often referred to as the stone of angels. Some ancient cultures believe that Celestite are pieces of the sky falling down to earth.  The energy contained within this stone is has soothes and gives you the sense that you are being watched over by a loving caretaker. Being the stone of Angel Magic, Celestite is all about metaphysics & does not have any direct effect on aspects of the physical world like love, wealth. Celestite is the perfect stone for a person wanting to improve spiritual awareness/development or wanting to taking control of the powers of angels and divine energies. Celestite is sacred to the Third Eye Chakra.

Chalcedony – Blue

This stone gets its name from the Greek port city of Chalcedon and comes in many shades of blue and grey.

Its blue colour provides a serene energy helping you to focus and restore balance. It helps to keep your feet on the ground, so you don’t get swept away by lifes challenges.

 Use this stone for:

  • Reaching deep meditative state
  • Communicating with the spirits
  • Supporting throat/vocal health
  • Reducing edema
  • Alleviating affects of plant allergies and hayfever
  • Helps support those with OCD, bipolar disorder, Tourettes & Aspergers

Hold this stone close, and practice self-reflection to find peace with the person that you are and focus on the importance of what you do.

Chalcedony - Purple

Chalcedony - Purple

This beautiful purple stone originates from Indonesia and is known for its qualities of community and goodwill as it helps you to “feel the connection with others”. Connecting to the third eye and crown chakra, this stone brings you connection to higher dimensions and knowledge and wisdom.

Also assists with:

  • Replacing self centred behaviours
  • Connecting soul to purpose
  • Healing to the nervous system

This crystal also has a powerful sense of purification & cleansing of the auric field and provides excellent psychic protection for those who are sensitive to psychic energies (especially children who are still discovering their abilities).

Cherry Quartz

Cherry quartz is very popular with fortune tellers, as they use these crystals to make the future clear and support your intentions. A stone of the heart, it helps provide you with hope and courage as well as assisting with:

  • Colds & infections
  • Circulation and functions of autoimmune & respiratory systems
  • Migraines, vertigo, headaches, motion sickness & dizziness

This is an excellent strengthening stone that gives a feeling of a safe & loving environment and is perfect for someone who wants to heal and strengthen the heart.

Crackle Quartz – Clear

Known as a “light stone”, Crackle Quartz is perfect for clairvoyance and has been used by ancient indigenous cultures for visionary work. The cracks are created through super-heating and it is thought that the more cracks, the great the purification power the crystal holds.

Assists with:

  • Clarity of thought
  • Promotes a strong, clear path to higher guidance
  • Providing energy boosts when you are feeling flat

This stone is thought to be very versatile, suited to both beginners and advanced users. It’s also known to be an excellent stone to amplify the energies of other surrounding vibrations, and a talisman to protect from negative energies.

Chevron Amethyst 

Known for its peaceful power, this stone holds within a calming & peaceful energy. Given the peaceful power of these stones Chevron Amethyst assists with; 

  • Healing
  • Strength
  • Acceptance – Understanding root cause of negative energy & releases
  • Positivist 

These qualities make Chevron Amethyst the perfect stone for a person needing assistance with finding the strength to heal; by absorbing and dissolving negative energy to make way for positive changes. Chevron Amethyst is one of the best stones to stimulate the Third Eye to enhance both intuition and physical visions.


Well known as the stone of growth, love and forgiveness. This stone is useful for improving emotional health. Chrysoprase can assist with;

  • Self-love & growth
  • Happiness
  • Forgiveness
  • Releasing ego-based negativity

Tightly linked with the heart chakra.


Also known as the merchant’s stone, Cinnabar is recognised as being a powerful tool for manifestation and wealth creation. Not to be taken lightly, it contains mercury which gives Cinnabar its vibrant colour. The crystalline forms are less toxic.

Cinnabar is immersed in metaphysical properties that play into the occult powers of magic and alchemy.

  • Transformation
  • Magic
  • Wealth
  • Abundance

Transformation is the key value of Cinnabar, including abundance and progress. As with all stones with occult powers like this, there is a “payoff”, and you need to be clear on what you want. This crystal can be used to align all of the chakras.


Known as the crystal of Joy, Light & Wealth. Carrying the power of the sun, it is a warm & comforting stone.  Also known as the merchant stone of manifestation.  
Being the stone of joy & light, Citrine assists in providing; 

  • Happiness
  • Warmth / Comfort
  • Mental Clarity
  • Perseverance

 These qualities make Citrine the perfect stone for a person trying to manifest vibrations of new beginnings & fresh pursuits. 

Citrine's radiant yellow and gold energy activates, opens and energizes the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras.

Cleansing Smudge Stick 

Used to cleanse ones Aura or & a space of negative energy in a smudging ritual that goes back over 2000 years. The smoke from the sage sticks to the negative energies such as anger, conflict, illness or evil & cleanses these energies. 
Even the happiest of home will over time accumulate negative energies. 
Some of the most ideal times to smudge your aura or space would be: 

  • When you move into a new living space
  • When you begin a new job or start your own business
  • Before and after guests enter your home
  • Before and after yoga or healing session
  • Before meditation
  • After an argument or illness
  • When returning home from a crowded situation.

Clear Quartz 

Known for its abilities to heal, enhance & amplify energies and vibrations.  
Being the stone of Amplification, Clear Quartz can assist in; 

  • Amplifying energy & vibrations
  • Manifesting Realities
  • Clarity
  • Healing

These qualities make clear quartz a perfect stone for a person who is facing a tough decision or a fork in the road. Clear Quartz will illuminate your true path. It will align your head and your heart so you can move forward with confidence. 
Clear Quartz is beneficial in energising & amplifying all chakra’s.

Clear Quartz Rutile

This stunning stone is made from clear quartz combined with needle-like pieces of golden rutile known as the Hairs of Venus.

Excellent for getting to the root of a problem, the golden/silver hairs are excellent for manifestation. The reflection of all colours in this stone symbolises unity & transformation.

Use this stone for:

  • Speed healing – both emotional & physical
  • Supporting those with depression
  • Connecting with root & crown chakra
  • Connecting with higher realms

To use this stone’s capabilities, imagine the energies moving along the rutile crystals contained within the stone, and then feel the clear quartz amplify the energy into the universe.

Fluorite Generator

When confusion clouds your mind. Known as the stone of peace, bliss & calming. This stone holds an energy within that acts like a spiritual vacuum. Fluorite helps to clear the minds’ clutter. Fluorite can assist with;

  • Eliminating negative patterns
  • De-cluttering the mind
  • Lifting the mind fog
  • Deeper relaxation

Balances all 7 chakras but is most effective with the third eye and crown.


Known as the stone of Passion, Energy and Health.  Garnet energies have the power to cleanse the mind, body and spirit, making sure that you are functioning at 100%. Being a stone of Passion, Energy & Health, Garnet assists with; 

  • Purify the energies in your
  • Restoring body to its re-vitalised / Re-energised state
  • Regaining balance
  • Self-empowerment

 These beautiful qualities of Garnet make it a perfect stone for anyone’s collection. 

Desert Rose / Barite

Known as the stone of healing. it assists with cleaning and eliminating negative energy from any space or being. Bringing insight & clarity to the surface this crystal immediately dispels negative energies returning them back into the earth to be cleansed. Desert Rose / Barite will immediately cleanse any energies that are stagnant & assists in enhancing;

  • Mental Clarity
  • Inner Truth
  • Energy cleansing
  • Prosperity

These qualities make Desert Rose / Barite the perfect crystal for anyone who suffers from energy blockages. it is the perfect crystal to have on your home, especially spaces that you socialise in and receive visitors. Desert Rose / Barite will clear all your chakras allowing any negative energies to be cleared and removed.



Dumortierite is known as the stone courage and balance. It is excellent with assisting and improving intellect and mental clarity needed to problem solve or learn new things. Dumortierite assists in overcoming fears and releasing any unhealthy habits as well as stubbiness and selfishness. This crystal aids in enhancing; 

  • Mental agility
  • Patience
  • intellect
  • Self esteem

These qualities make Dumortierite   a perfect stone for anyone wanting a stone to assist in opening communication between you lower and higher chakras. It also assists with organization allowing you to clear any mental clutter that may be holding you back.

Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz is your best friend in rock form, it will encourage and support you in overcoming all your fears. Known as the stone of courage. It will assist you in moving forward and facing and overcoming all that you fear. Being a stone of courage, Fire quartz assists in moving forward fearlessly assists in enhancing;

  • Confidence
  • vitality
  • Balance
  • Power

These qualities make Fire Quartz a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to assist them in moving forward and embarking on a new skill or adventure. It will ease any self-doubt. Fire Quartz can assist in balancing your energy and igniting your flame. It provides much needed energy and motivation to embark on the new and unknown. This crystal cleanses and stabilizes your base chakra giving you the confidence and stability to move forward.

Gem Trees

Feng Shui Gem trees made from natural/ untreated stones bringing a stronger quality of energy. The trees symbolise stability, growth & a long life blessed with abundance.

Geode Quartz - Dyed 

These unique and beautiful forms hold and amplify energy which is then diffused and softened. 
Known as the master healer, clear quartz has the most powerful energy which heals and amplifies other crystals energies. 
Being the master healer, it can assist with not only dispelling negative energy but also; 

  • Regulating energy
  • Decision making
  • Stress
  • Restoring balance
  • Raising the vibration level of a space

 These qualities make Quartz Geodes the perfect stone for anyone’s collection. 

Quartz Geodes’ energy amplifies the crown Chakra healing. 

Gold Stone - BLUE

Gold Stone - BLUE

Blue Goldstone is also known as the stone of ambition and success. This stone isn't a crystal and is made from glass. Goldstone is perfect for manifesting anything you desire. Blue Goldstone strengthens your mind and assists with clear decision making, allowing you to achieve your goals. It protects you from negativity and allows you to open up to the possibilities if your future.

Blue Goldstone assists in enhancing;

  • logic
  • Clear Minded thinking
  • Protection
  • Achievement

These qualities make blue Goldstone a perfect stone for anyone seeking the energy required to fulfil their ambitions and achieve career success. Associated with the throat chakra it clears any blockages and assists in clear concise effective communication. It assists anyone who struggles to have their voice heard and gives you the energy and motivation to achieve all your goals.

Gold Stone – GOLD

Gold Stone – GOLD

Goldstone is known as the stone of success. This stone isn't a crystal and is made from glass. Goldstone is perfect for manifesting anything you desire. It allows you to unlock your full potential and gives you the motivation and drive to reach your goals.

Goldstone assists in enhancing;

  • Energises
  • soothes
  • Success
  • Persistence

These qualities make Goldstone a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to eliminate any stress and anxiety. A stone associated with success and luck it is a spiritual protector that allows you to balance and benefit from both realms the spiritual and the earth. It bestows wealth and success and allows you to forge the path that will lead you to your dreams.

Golden healer

Golden healer

Golden Healer is known as the stone of the angelic realm. This stone is perfect for anyone that needs angelic guidance or needs an angel by their side. A tiny powerful crystal that is known to assist in clearing and removing anything in your life that doesn't serve you. This stone will amplify any crystal they are paired with but are just as powerful alone.

Golden Healer assists in enhancing;

  • Public Speaking
  • Self confidence
  • Courage
  • Passion

These qualities make Golden Healer a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to assist in working with psychic realms and unlocking your own psychic powers. A working stone they can be worn or used to connect and unlock messages from higher beings and angelic guides. Golden Healer vibrate constantly with the higher angelic realms, making them perfect for spiritual work or assisting in reaching your higher self and angel guides.


Hematite is referred to as the seeker stone or the transformer stone. This stone holds one of the most powerful energies, the earth. Being the stone of grounding, Hematite can assist with; 

  • Finding a new path
  • Hope
  • Trust
  • Stability & Balance

 These qualities make Hematite the perfect stone for a person trying to find a new path in life, giving hope, stability & trust in the transformation they seek. 

Hematite is a root chakra stone for grounding.

Himalayan Salt Lamp 

  • Overall benefits of using a Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Boost blood flow
  • Improves concentration & Performance
  • Balance electromagnetic radiation (EM)
  • Enhance overall breathing
  • Raise Energy Levels
  • Cleanse, deodorize & purify air
  • Enhances moods
  • Reduces stress & promotes relaxation
  • Calms allergies and reduce asthma
  • Improves Sleep
  • Alleviate coughing & cold symptoms



Jade is known as the stone of luck Bringing luck & opportunity to the table while healing and resetting your energy field. Being a stone of luck, Jade helps to remove negativity & assists in enhancing;

  • Wealth
  • Wisdom
  • Success
  • Luck

These qualities make Jade a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to heal any issues to do with the heart. Jade can heal any negativity holding you back and opens your heart chakra to receive love, abundance and prosperity.



Jasper is known as the stone of luck and creativity. This stone is formed from nature and is known to enhance anyone in the creative industries its known as the supreme nurturer. It provides comfort so you can grow while feeling supported and secure Bringing luck & opportunity to the table while healing and resetting your energy field. 

Jasper assists in enhancing;

  • Luck
  • Creativity
  • Joy
  • Prosperity

These qualities make Jasper a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to heal any issues to do with self-worth and self-doubt. Jasper can provide comfort and security allowing you to feel confident and grow. This crystal will heal and unlock all chakras and works well to heal and comfort any who are feeling unsafe or experiencing uncertainty.

Jasper - Mookaite (Australian Jasper)

Invigorating, robust and grounding at once, Mookaite is known as an Aboriginal Mother Earth Stone and makes a wonderful travel companion. It will help ground you and deal with the physical necessities and practicalities and find your way quickly in new places.

It activates and balances the lower 3 chakras, so good for working and playing - and combining the two!

Helps provide:

  • Youthful playfulness
  • Grounding
  • Gut intuition and balance
  • Centring (earth energies and body)
  • Mother Earth/Gaia connections

Mookaite helps to overcome procrastination and helps keep the user focused and grounded whilst keeping the mind quiet. If you’re wanting or needing to tune into the earth, this stone will slow your vibrations to fit in.

Jasper - Calligraphy

Also known as the Miriam stone, inclusions of hematite, iron and fossil shells give Calligraphy jasper it’s unique appearance. Promoting an interesting connection between the third eye and the sacral chakra, it has been known to help the user tap into their past-life memories and promote healing, as well as let go of distraction.

Assists with:

  • Third eye gazing
  • Sacral chakra stimulation
  • Angels and divine connections
  • Mystic powers

Having these qualities, Calligraphy Jasper is useful to those consulting higher angelic realms for practical advice or needing perceptions from a higher level. Have the stone near you when performing automatic writing. Calligraphy Jasper is great to have on your desk for any type of writing or journaling.



Jet is Known as the stone of protection. 

Bringing protection & grounding to all who wear it. It holds the strong vibrations of the mother earth life force and provides grounding and stability.  Being a stone of protection, Jet shield its users from negativity and low energy & assists in enhancing;

  • Purification
  • Good luck
  • Healing
  • Protection

These qualities make Jet a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to assist in healing heartbreak or grief. Jet will assist anyone embarking on a new beginning and is known to bring luck and prosperity to all new endeavours. It works with stabilizing your root chakra and assisting its wearers to feel grounded and secure. 



Kyanite is known as the stone of power. Bringing protection & balance, it removes any obstacles in your path and problems associated with your world. It assists us in raising our vibrations and protecting us from all harm. Being a stone of protection and power, Kyanite helps to remove any blocks in our energy & assists in enhancing;

  • Inner Wisdom
  • Self-Worth
  • Acceptance
  • balance

 These qualities make Kyanite a perfect stone for using as a barrier to unwanted energies. Kyanite is so powerful it can align all our chakras without any conscious effort it literally cleans out any conflicting energies that are preventing us from progressing and aligns and opens our throat chakras assisting us with being powerful in our communications.  It's also an excellent crystal for facilitating dream work and connecting with your spirit guides.


The stone of self-discovery & purpose, often referred to as the stone of magic. Labradorite is a protector of other crystals. It creates a force field that surrounds the aura of other stones and strengthens the natural energies from within & protects against the negative forces.

Labradorite assists with;

  • Enhancing mental & intuitive abilities
  • Promotes emotional healing
  • Brings clarity
  • PMS

This stone is a perfect stone for the workplace as it brings out the best in people, encourages courtesy & brings staff into a focused state of mind. The energy from within labradorite is used to stimulate the throat chakra.

Lapiz Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli is known as the stone of wisdom. Once considered a stone of the gods. It brings knowledge and ancient wisdom upon all who wear it. This crystal brings you the ability to see your inner truth and communicate it clearly. This crystal relieves stress while nurturing both the emotional and the physical. Being a stone of ancient wisdom from the sky it facilitates communication of your true self, Lapiz Lazuli also assists in enhancing:

  • De stressing
  • Mediation
  • Healing
  • Wisdom

These qualities make Lapiz Lazuli a perfect stone for anyone seeking a crystal to heal any issues to do with inner communication and how you present your truth to the world. Lapiz Lazuli activates your throat chakra and opens your crown to your higher guides, assisting you with communicating your ideal and voice effectively.



Larimar is known as the stone of the sea and sky. Bringing ancient energies from Atlantis and the healing energies of dolphins. This crystal brings you the combination of polar elements, fire and water. This crystal relieves stress while nurturing both the emotional and the physical. Being a stone of ancient wisdom from both the sky and the sea, Larimar also assists in enhancing:

  • De stress
  • Mediation
  • Healing
  • Wisdom

These qualities make Larimar a perfect stone for a person seeking a crystal to heal any issues to do with nerves and anxiety. Larimar activates your throat chakra and opens your heart, assisting you with clear communication and removing any self-imposed limitations you may have.



Leopardite is known as the stone of peace. Bringing calmness & forgiveness to any difficult situations. It aids us in accepting who we and others are by eliminating any form of criticism whether its directed inward or outward. Being a stone of acceptance, Leopardite helps to remove any judgement & assists in enhancing;

  • Inner Wisdom
  • Self-Worth
  • Acceptance
  • balance

These qualities make Leopardite a perfect stone for removing any conflict, insecurity and self-control from our lives. Leopardite is from the Jasper family and connects to the root chakra, assisting us with feeling more grounded and secure. It balances our mind, body and spirit and brings balance and peace to our life.



Lepidolite is known as the stone of stabilization. Bringing positivity & opportunity to the table while relieving anxiety and resetting your energy field. Being a stone of healing, Lepidolite helps to remove feelings of resentment & anger, replacing them with positivity, it assists in enhancing being;

  • Centres
  • stabilizes
  • Balances
  • guidance

These qualities make Lepidolite a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to heal and replace issues with positivity. Lepidolite replaces any negative emotions that are self-sabotaging your growth and activates the crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras.

Lithium Quartz

Lithium Quartz

Lithium quartz is known as the stone of peace. It brings peace and relaxation to all who use it. This crystals energy will soothe and balance your emotional and physical body. Being a stone of calmness, Lithium quartz helps to balance and align your energies removing and anxiety or stress you may be experiencing & assists in enhancing;

  • Healing
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Removes depression
  • Meditation

These qualities make Lithium quartz a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to heal any issues to do with their nervous system. Lithium quartz remove any stress or anxiety that is halting you from moving forward and opening yourself to new experiences. This stone assists with opening all chakras, it removes any negativity and allows for your heart chakra to open and connect with your crown chakra allowing you to tap into your higher consciousness.



Llanite is known as the stone of support. Raising any low vibrations & allowing the uninterrupted flow on energy through ones body. This stone is a great one for all as it covers almost everything you need. Being a stone of support, Llanite helps to remove low vibrations & stale energy it assists in enhancing;

  • Higher consciousness
  • Eliminates negativity
  • Raises vibration
  • All in one chakra

These qualities make Llanite perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to tap into group growth and hear the global consciousness. It will remove any low vibrations that are hindering your growth. Llanite works with all your chakras and removes any obstacles in your energy field, thus allowing your energy to flow uninterrupted assisting your spirit to connect with spirit and follow your true soul path


Well known as the stone of transformation, openness & love. This stone all about personal growth, you can remember this stone and its look by remembering it as “turning over a new leaf”

 Malachite can assist in;

  • Removing emotional blockages
  • Opening your heart to new experiences
  • Letting go
  • Comforting
  • Self-empowerment

Being the stone of transformation, openness & love, Malachite belongs to the heart chakra.

Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite is known as the stone of the heart. Like all calcites it amplifies energy, increasing love and compassion into your life. While releasing habits that have been preventing your soul from moving forward, it opens your heart and stimulates a connection to the love of the divine all being. Being a stone of the heart, Mangano Calcite helps to tap you into the divine and experience the compassion and love & assists in enhancing;

  • Divine feminine
  • Heart
  • Calm
  • Luck

These qualities make Mangano Calcite a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to heal any issues to do with the heart. Mangano Calcite can open your heart chakra and align it with your crown allowing you to experience the amplification of the divine healing any blockages you may have from previous experiences any opening your heart chakra to receive love, compassion and healing.

Mugwort Smudge sticks

Mugwort is also called the dream weed for its unique ability to stimulate dreams, cleanse, protect and heal. It can aid in;

  • Dream work
  • Trance
  • Intuitive development


Known as “Old & true Chinese Jade”, Nephrite gets its name from its kidney like shape and the Greek word for kidney - Nephros. It’s best known as a stone of abundance & good wealth, however this powerful stone has been used for centuries by royal families as a protective stone.

It assists with:

  • Promoting ciruculation, and improving vitality
  • Provides calming energy in the most hectic situations
  • Stability, confidence & calm
  • Excellent for psychic abilities and dream work

Nephrite is the perfect stone to ward against negativity, increase confidence, and manifest future goals.



Obsidian is known as the stone of immense power.

This stone reveals your fears your deepest traumas and has the power to allow you to face them and overcome heal and transform. Being a stone of protection, Obsidian helps transform any darker aspects to your soul it heals and removes all negativity.

It assists in enhancing:

  • Soul Healing
  • Revealing your shadow self
  • divination
  • Power

These qualities make Obsidian a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to tap into the darker aspects of their soul. its known to provide deep soul healing. It is a perfect crystal to protect those who are ultra-sensitive to other energies, it assists with showing you your true life purpose and also finding your career and success.

Obsidian Snowflake

One of the earliest known stones used for scrying, this stone is known for being excellent for past life work and examining and dissecting past behaviour and patterns. It helps you to recognise the value in your past mistakes and finds a way for you to feel centred, focused and in control amongst chaos.

Use this stone for:

  • Treating joint pain
  • Improving circulation
  • Easing muscular aches & pains

Known for being truth-enhancing, this stone is protective and will keep negativity at arm’s length by blocking psychic attacks and absorbing negative energies from the environment.



Onyx is known as the stone of power.

It is perfect for centring the self and aligning with the spirit to unlock your true purpose and realise your full potential. A grounding stone, it assists the user in putting down roots and developing a base to grow from. It assists in enhancing:

  • Higher consciousness
  • Eliminates negativity
  • Raises vibration
  • All in one chakra

Associated with success and knowledge, it has the power to align the self with the higher spirit and guide from within. It guides the user to reach their full potential. By strengthening the user’s connection to the earth and clearing your root chakra Onyx provides protection as it teaches the wisdom and knowledge contained deep within the earth.

Opal - Pink

Opal - Pink

Pink Opal is known as the stone emotional support. This stone transmits warmth and love upon its wearer allowing any emotional hurts and losses to heal. Known as the stone of the gods …. Pink opal shares these qualities with the original opal as well as manifesting an ability to heal from any emotional losses. It assists in enhancing;

  • Emotional healing
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Compassion

These qualities make Pink opal a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to heal your heart chakra allowing you to overcome any disappointments, losses and heartbreak. The opal stone was a favourite of the ancient Romans and thought to bring luck and achievement.

Opal - Blue

Opal - Blue

Blue Opal is known as the stone of spiritual healing emotional. This stone is perfect for anyone who needs healing, it releases all built-up tension and stress and allows peacefulness to flow through your energy fields. It is an excellent stone for enabling communication among loved ones and assists in maintaining good relationships with all those around you.

It assists in enhancing;

  • Self confidence
  • courage
  • Communication
  • Insight

These qualities make Blue opal a perfect stone for anyone seeking to gain self-confidence to overcome any feelings they may have of self-worth or inferiority It heals any past trauma and clears your throat chakra allowing you to communicate your inner wisdom.

Peacock Ore

This stone of positivity features a stunning rainbow that represents the hope after a storm.

Set an intention on a Peacock Ore and be guarded from all negative energies, from external factors as well as those of self doubt, self consciousness and overcoming the idea of perfection. This stone opens up the Crown chakra and as an incredible healing stone it has the ability to align every chakra.

This crystal also assists with:

  • Reducing fever
  • Regulating flow of adrenaline
  • Electrolyte balance
  • Upliftment, happiness & joy

If you need a stone of happiness and positivity, with protection and strengthening qualities - Peacock Ore is a perfect choice.

Petrified Wood – Pink

Taking its name from the Greek word “Petro” it literally means wood turned into stone. The process of petrification takes around 100 years, which is why this stone is known for its strong earth energies and ability to help those who use it establish deep roots.

 Use this stone for:

  • Soothing and centring emotions
  • Calming your fears
  • Back aches & sore bones
  • Connecting to root and eye chakras.

This stone is an excellent way to bring nature’s vibrations into your home.

Phantom Quartz

Phantom quartz has powers for healing the past and making transitions.

It can also reactivate past ideas that started to grow but were thwarted. This crystal goes deep and moves slowly but surely, and it can open you to seeing the gifts that lie hidden in your shadow self.

Phantom Quarts assists with:

  • Reflections
  • Reactivate
  • Renewal
  • Reignite

Having these qualities, phantom quartz is a wonderful helper when you need to get out of a rut and take on a new challenge, making better use of your qualities from the past.



Pyrite is also known as fool's gold, the stone of wealth and luck, it allows you to achieve the success of your dreams by using the earth energy to hold and guide you to achieving success. Being a stone of success, Pyrite helps to instil strength and motivation & assists in enhancing;

  • Wealth
  • Protection
  • Success
  • Self Confidence

These qualities make Pyrite the perfect stone for anyone lacking the drive and motivation to achieve success.  Pyrite works at clearing your sacral and solar plexus chakras removing blockages and instilling confidence and the self-belief needed to achieve success.

Rainbow moonstone

Rainbow moonstone

This is one for the ladies! Rainbow Moonstone intensifies and strengthens the feminine goddess within. It is also a protective stone. Rainbow Moonstone can assist with;

  • Protective stone for all travelers
  • Banishing negative energy
  • Fertility
  • Deflects emotional trauma & negativity

The moonstone is linked to the crown chakra, it can help grow your spiritual visions & enhance energy. 

Rose Quartz 

Known as the crystal of unconditional love. The energy contained within this stone is compassion & peace. Being the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz assists in providing; 

  • Healing vibrations
  • Comfort
  • Reawakening the heart
  • Deep sense of personal fulfillment

 These qualities make Rose Quartz the perfect stone for a person in need of tenderness, healing & comfort. Rose Quartz speaks directly to the heart chakra, allowing one the capacity to give & receive love.



Rhodochrosite is known as the stone compassion and love.  Bringing this energy and love it will assist with healing any heartbreak and opening your heart to love and compassionate energy that flows from the universe. Being a stone of love, Rhodochrosite heals and instils a sense of self-worth. It assists in enhancing;

  • Healing
  • Love
  • Worthiness
  • Compassion

These qualities make Rhodochrosite a perfect stone for a person wanting a stone to heal any issues to do with the heart and the issues that may manifest from blocked heart chakra energy. Rhodochrosite can heal any blockages that are preventing your heart to open to its fullest and will allow your heart chakra to receive love, compassion and healing.



Rhodonite is Known as the stone of love. Bringing compassion & forgiveness to the table while healing and resetting your relationship issues. Being a stone of love, Rhodonite helps couples to remove negativity and issues that may be challenging their relationship & assists in enhancing;

  • Forgiveness
  • Unconditional love
  • Love
  • Emotional healing

These qualities make Rhodonite a perfect stone for any couple seeking a stone to heal any of the problems and issues their relationship may be facing. Rhodonite can assist in opening the heart to forgiveness and compassion healing any energy blocks that are blocking your relationship. It works though your heart chakra, opening your energy field to receive both forgiveness and compassion. Both are essential to any love being successful.



Ruby is known as the stone of healing. It has so many medicinal properties it needs to be in all first aid kits. Bringing fire & vitality as well as its energy for healing it’s an excellent stone for motivating you to accomplish your goals. Being a stone of fire and passion, Ruby is excellent for motivating you to enjoy your time on planet earth to the fullest, it helps to remove boredom and replace it with enthusiasm for living. Ruby assists in enhancing;

  • Wisdom
  • Luck
  • Success
  • Healing

These qualities make Ruby the perfect stone for anyone needing self-assurance and support, it instils confidence and self-belief and balanced the heart chakra, Ruby opens your heart to self-love and protects you from any negative energies. Ruby gives you a strong sense of personal power and the confidence to eliminate any fears in achieving success. Its support, positivity and happiness will lift your vision as you embark on the life you always dreamed of.

Ruby varieties: There are other types of Ruby stones, while they share the same properties as ruby, they tend to amplify certain areas more.

Ruby Feldspar

Ruby Feldspar

Ruby Feldspar is known to focus and work with your heart chakra in a very different but powerful way. it encourages emotional growth and assists you with detaching from any negativity and bad habits you may be holding onto. A powerful stone for anyone wishing to work with emotional growth and maturity it assists you in listening to the messages from your inner self while being supported by the universal energies of love.

Ruby Matrix

Ruby Matrix

Ruby Matrix is known to focus and work with your heart chakra, a powerful stone for anyone wishing to work with the universal love energies. Using Ruby Matrix is a powerful stone to assist in all matters of the heart, it heals any emotions opens you up to truer love and passion and facilitates the divine love flowing through all your energetic fields.

Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite like all forms of ruby is known to focus and work with your heart chakra but a very different but powerful way. This stone is an energetic fusion of ruby and fuchsite and gives you the power you need to get over any issues of the heart, it inspires and energises you to pick up and look inwards, assisting you to overcome any unhealthy habits and motivating you to pursue anything you are passion about, it is an excellent stone for creatives who can't get motivated.



Scolecite is known as the stone of communication with spirit. Bringing luck & opportunity to the table while healing and resetting your energy field. Being a stone of transformation, Scolecite aids in communication with the spirit and achieving inner peace. It assists in enhancing;

  • Tranquillity
  • Peace
  • Awakening
  • Communication

These qualities make Scolecite a perfect stone for anyone suffering from insomnia as it facilitates a deep restful sleep. Scolecite works with your third eye chakra in opening up spirit communication which transforms you into achieving enlightenment and inner peace.



Known as the crystal of Liquid Light & Cleansing. Carrying strong vibration that help dispel negative energy. Selenite helps shield a person from outside influences. Being the stone of Liquid light & Cleansing it can assist with; 

  • Calming / soothing
  • Tranquillity
  • Removing blockages so energy can flow
  • Mental clarity
  • Honesty

These qualities make Selenite the perfect stone for clearing energy blockages, selenite allows for liquid-like energy flow. It helps to bring the honesty out in a person and assist them to be truly honest with themselves. Selenite can activate the Third Eye & Crown chakra. 

Selenite - Orange

High vibrating, it can connect to the crown chakra, and blast through slower vibrations, especially where there is an issue of creativity. Also known to help balance electromagnetic stress points.

Great for connection to angelic realms with a joyful, peaceful quality.

  • Spiritual connections
  • Higher vibrations
  • Clear stagnant energy
  • Increased creative confidence
  • Electromagnetic balance

Having these qualities, orange selenite is great to place around the home to balance those areas of electromagnetic instability, keeping up general morale and a feeling of safety. It can also help with water balance/relative humidity.

Great for cleansing other stones but will itself dissolve in water.


Also known as “dragon stone”, Septarian is created by volcanic eruptions which attracted the dead sea life that sank to the sea bed eventually creating mud balls. When the ocean receded and the mud balls dried and cracked – Septarian was created – the cracking of the mud balls giving it’s distinct and beautiful patterns – and no 2 pieces are the same!

An excellent stone for any group activities, this helps bring tolerance and patience. It’s also the perfect stone for public speaking – helping you to engage your audience.

Also assists with:

  • Balancing & harmonising emotions
  • Dispel others interest in you – bye haters!
  • Throat & solar plexus chakra
  • Psychic protection from outside sources

Septarian is the perfect stone for those who seek grounding & shielding.


Coming from the term “Seraphim” (the highest of angels), this beautiful stone captures the essence of angels wings with its iridescent silver swirls, and it’s link to the ethereal means this stone is perfect for spirit work especially connecting with animals.

Hold this stone close when you want to enhance your social skills, foster more positive relationships with those around you and feel connected with others. The power of this stone also helps to resolve conflict and reconcile with negative energies.

Use this stone for:

  • Providing support to heart and lungs
  • Blood strengthening and distributing nutrients
  • Assisting to decrease cancerous cells
  • Strengthening the liver and kidney

Known as a “growth crystal”, this stone captures the power of creation and development and is the perfect stone to release emotional patterns and tendencies, helping you feel balanced and connected to yourself and the world around you.

Serpentine (also called new Jade)

Serpentine is often confused with jade as they have many similar appearances. Physically it is known to help with longevity, detoxifying and regeneration at the cellular level. It is excellent at clearing blockages in any chakras and helps clear the way for new energy.

Helps to provide:

  • Soothing and compromising
  • Detoxifying/cleansing
  • Regeneration/rebirth
  • Resonating with the earth

These qualities make serpentine perfect to help people find their purpose in life and meet their responsibilities with wisdom. It allows us to shake off the restrictions and doubts cast on us through our materialistic society and find the freedom in our choices.

Shiva Narmada

Also known as Shiva Lingam, these precious crystals are only found in the Narmada River in India and are naturally formed by tumbling through the river. It is believed that all Shiva Narmada stones are connected, making this an excellent stone to connect with the universe.. The shape of the stone embodies masculine energy, and it’s markings represent the “Yoni” or female energy and can assist with:

  • Meditation & Cleansing
  • Insight
  • Back pain & helps spine alignment
  • Fertility

Shiva Narmada represents the center axis of life, making it an excellent crystal for anyone who wants to let go of past emotions and feelings that no longer serve you.



Shungite is known as the stone of healing and purification. It brings ancient metaphysical properties and has been around for 2 billion years. Being a stone of intense purification Shungite is excellent and banishing any negativity and detoxifying your body, replacing it with light. It assists in enhancing;

  • Healing
  • Wisdom
  • Detoxifying
  • Protection

These qualities make Shungite a perfect stone for anyone suffering from bad habits that are unhealthy and toxic. It’s also a powerful protector shielding you from the effects of electromagnetic energy that we are all exposed to on a daily basis. Shungite purifies and works to align all your energies, cleaning and purifying all chakras making you feel like you have had a deep inner spring clean.



Sodalite is known as the stone of strength is gives you the energy boost needed to tap into the divine sixth sense where all of the universe’s knowledge flows. Bringing vitality and energy it removes all blockages preventing you from communicating with the source. Being a stone of spiritual transformation, by tapping into your pituitary gland and opening up your spiritual perception. Sodalite empowers us and allows us the confidence to communicate fearlessly.

It assists in enhancing;

  • Tranquillity
  • Peace
  • Strength
  • Spiritual energy

These qualities make Sodalite a perfect stone for anyone seeking deep spiritual transformation. It allows communication with your higher consciousness and aids in a deep sense of self perception assisting its users in realising their full potential it awakens the third eye and the throat chakra allowing effortless communication between the user and the divine.

Smoky Quartz

Known as a powerful grounding stone, it can also raise vibrations during meditation. It is a stone of protection, with a strong link to the earth. Paired with Black Tourmaline, together they absorb electromagnetic smog and poor out pure clean energy.

Smoky Quartz can assist with;

  • Blocking geopathic stress
  • Letting go
  • Relieves fear of failure
  • Lifting depression

With the strong earth connection smoky quarts makes a great base chakra and improves the connection with the physical world.

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is known as the stone of universal love. Bringing love & generosity to its users, it amplifies the vibration of universal love and all that brings. Healing and lifting your vibration to attune to and attract the energy of the divine love.

Being a stone of love, Strawberry quartz ensures you vibrate to the energy of all that is love removing any helps to removing all energy that hinders you attuning to your heart chakra & assists in enhancing;

  • Trust
  • Gratitude
  • Love
  • Patience

These qualities make Strawberry Quartz a perfect stone for anyone wishing to attract their soulmate. It is perfect for beginners who are awakening to their spirituality as it reveals all that is hidden. By balancing and opening your heart chakra it attunes you to the energy that is the universal love.


Sunstone is known as the stone of luck. Bestowing good fortune on luck on all who wear it, while clearing any energy blocks and resetting your energy field. Being a stone of good fortune, Sunstone helps to alleviate any fears and stress you may be feeling & assists in enhancing;

  • Freedom
  • Originality
  • Romance
  • Luck

These qualities make Sunstone a perfect stone for anyone seeking independence and empowerment. Sunstone encourage feelings of self-worth and confidence by clearing your sacral chakra and allowing you to move fearlessly into your future leaving behind any issues that were preventing this.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz is known as the stone of balance and is excellent at promoting creativity and bringing balance to all energy. It ensures you give as much as you receive and stops your energy from being unbalanced. Being a stone of inspiration, Tangerine Quartz stimulates your inner child allowing both curiosity and playfulness develop your creativity & assists in enhancing;

  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Sensuality
  • Balance

These qualities make Tangerine Quartz a perfect stone for a person seeking self-acceptance as it releases any energy blockages associated with shame and blame. It’s the perfect stone for anyone needing to let go of their paste mistakes wanting a stone to heal any issues that are keeping them blocked. Tangerine Quartz works with your solar plexus to open up your creativity, sensuality and inspiration.

Tiger eye  

Tiger eye

Tiger eye is known as the stone of power, an all-seeing eye. Bringing power and luck to its wearers. As a stone it instils integrity and respect while remaining calm and courageous.

Being a stone of power and force, Tiger eye helps to provide guidance & assists in enhancing:

  • Compassion
  • Power
  • Grace
  • Devotion

These qualities make Tiger eye a perfect stone for anyone wanting to take control of their life, with integrity. It assists in all matters of the heart opening its user up to compassion, unconditional love and allowing you move forward with no fear or anxiety. It assists in removing any blockages from your base chakras, healing any issues that are preventing you from moving forward heart.

Tourmaline - Black

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is known as the stone of protection it is effective in both grounding and shielding its user from all forms of negativity, psychic attack and even everyday environment pollutants. Bringing luck & opportunity to the table while healing and resetting your energy field. Being a stone of luck, Tourmaline helps to remove negativity & assists in enhancing;

  • Protection
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Stability
  • grounding

These qualities make Tourmaline a perfect stone for anyone seeking protection from all external energies. Tourmaline grounds the user and connects to the root chakra as a stone it shields from all negativity and provides security, enabling its user to grow.

Tourmaline – Blue

Also known as “Indicolite” this is a crystal of spirit and peace which is amplified by its deep blue water appearance. You will feel yourself more able to communicate in a clear and honest manner, and you will feel at ease speaking openly. Connected to the Throat & Third Eye chakra, it makes for an excellent stone for psychic and medium work, as it encourages the spirits to deliver their message clearly.

Use this stone for:

  • Encouraging restful sleep
  • Stimulating water balance – kidney and liver function
  • Treating insomnia and night sweats
  • Alleviating headaches and migraines

An excellent stone for healing, the user will feel supported to overcome intense past emotions surrounding grief. This stone is also excellent for humanitarian and philanthropic work, it projects a harmonious energy and promotes tolerance for others.

Tourmaline – Pink

Whilst this stone is found on every continent, fine specimens are rare. The name comes from the Sinhalese word “turamali” which means something small from the earth. Providing love, compassion and gentleness during transformation, it helps to release negative emotions and is a loving and supportive stone especially for children recovering from abuse. Curiously this stone can also help toddlers remain stable on their feet as they discover their physical capabilities.

Use this stone for:

  • Relieving motion sickness
  • Calming angina & irregular heartbeat
  • Regulating menstrual cycle
  • Spinal support

An excellent stone for scrying, it is known to point out sources of trouble and highlight which direction is the best to travel. Interestingly this stone can also be electrically charged by heating or rubbing – attracting dust and small pieces of paper to its charged ends.

Tourmaline – Watermelon

An ancient stone, the layered colours of the Watermelon Tourmaline provide a powerhouse of benefits to its owner. It calms extreme emotions, the pink soothing the heart, the green calming the mind while the white provides balance. This stone is known as the “gateway to inner self” and makes for an excellent companion during meditation, grid or energy work.

Use this stone for:

  • Boosting immune system
  • Treating hyperactivity
  • Alleviating heart disorders
  • Aiding in spinal adjustment and coordination

Providing a balance between male and female energies, it is known for supporting creative work helping you to think outside the box and be resourceful.


Originally thought to only exist in Sweden, it is now found in Australia, Rwanda, Brazil and USA. It is a crystal of ascension, excellent for manifestation. It shows you all that is possible and helps to harness all of your past knowledge. By releasing negative thoughts associated with pain and anger, this stone supports transformation by turning fear into motivation.

Use this stone for:

  • Lung issues
  • Soothing sore throats
  • Clearing sinus/allergies

Trolleite activates all energy centers and is excellent for higher realm work, allowing for information to be easily and clearly communicated, whilst expanding and opening the heart and mind.



Turquoise is known as the stone of healing. Bringing protection & good luck to all who wear it while healing any heartbreak and re-opening your heart to love. Being a stone of protection, Turquoise protects against negativity & assists in enhancing; 

  • Communication
  • Protection
  • Luck
  • health

These qualities make Turquoise a perfect stone for anyone wanting protection from negative energy or to heal any issues to do with the heart. Turquoise opens your heart and throat chakra assisting with overcoming any problems faced with love or communication.


Combining pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and colourless quartz, this stone has many healing qualities. It is earthy, harmonising, grounding, nurturing and supporting, helping to find balance. It works gently and is great for children. It has a persistent influence on the heart.

  • Compassion
  • Nurturing
  • Healing and forgiveness
  • Love and tranquillity

The qualities of unakite combines endurance with an ability to let go of past traumas to the heart. It is great for those feeling overwhelmed.

An earthy, harmonising crystal, Unakite is a favourite heart chakra stone... Helping to ground, nurture, support, and balance. It’s energy doesn’t intrude, it fits in and moves forward if possible.  More of a long-acting stone.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, in need of support, Unakite may be the answer.

Blue Howlite

Affording a greater insight and understanding, Blue Howlite will help you achieve a calm focus. Anger and fiery insignificant emotions and issues are moved through easily, because Blue Howlite gives the ability to see their errors

Assists with:

  • Clear thinking/feeling
  • Distinguishing/deciding/letting go
  • Patience
  • Understanding outlook.

These qualities allow Blue Howlite to help you to bypass restrictive beliefs, or stale ideas that don’t support growth.

The pain (both physical and emotional) caused anxiety, overthinking and stress are eased by Blue Howlite. With the natural discarding of unnecessary thoughts, the Howlite users finds they have enhanced memories, a more stable mood, and better learning abilities.

Purple Howlite

Purple Howlite is dyed Howlite, it has all the generic properties of Howlite, but additional properties associated with its color & is associated with the crown chakra. 

This stone is an extremely calming stone, can help with anxiety and reducing stress. It is believed to encourage patience & reasoned communication. You will often find this stone used during meditation, to calm & sill the mind.

Assists with:

  • Calming
  • Patience
  • Reasoned Communication
  • Meditation 

Purple Howlite is an excellent stone for insomnia and can calm an overactive mind. A piece placed under the pillow will assist with sleep. Mentally and Emotionally Howlite reinforces positive character traits and helps to conquer any tendencies of selfishness and criticism

 White Howlite   

Known as the stone of awareness. Being the stone of awareness, White Howlite assists in providing; 

  • Wisdom
  • Enlightenment
  • Calming
  • Patience booster

 These qualities make White Howlite the perfect stone for a person in need of clarity towards awareness of their surroundings. To be calm & patient allowing a better flow of wisdom & enlightenment.